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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Facebook-banning pastor acknowledges three-ways

It would seem the New Jersey pastor who instructed church leaders to delete their Facebook accounts or resign may know a thing or two about extramarital partners himself. The Associated Press is reporting Rev. Cedric Miller of the Living Word Christian Fellowship Church testified to having threesomes with his wife and a male church assistant.

From the report:
In court testimony he gave in April 2003, Miller said his wife had an extramarital affair with the church assistant. Miller said he participated in many of the sexual encounters and said the assistant's wife was sometimes present, too. 
Miller said the dalliances — which occurred in the Millers' home — sometimes took place during Thursday Bible study meetings and Sundays after church. But the minister said the encounters "came to a crashing halt" when several women in the church accused the assistant of having sex with them. 

The assistant's wife was there too? Perhaps it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that the 2003 testimony where the pastor admitted to his fondness for forgies and thrill over three-ways came in a criminal case against the assistant.

We'll paraphrase a line from the NRA: Facebook doesn't kill marriages, people do.

Rev. Cedric Miller
Photo: Mary Frank/Asbury Park Press file

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