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Friday, November 11, 2011

Fat Joe wants gay rappers to come out

Making comments after popular hip-hop artist, Mister Cee was reportedly caught knockin' boots with a transgender prostitute, rapper Fat Joe says all gay rappers should come out of the closet.

From MTV:
“I’m pretty sure I’ve done songs with gay rappers,” Joe continued. “I’m pretty sure of that. I’m pretty sure the football ni--as is gay, the basketball ni--as is… ni--as is gay. There’s millions of gay people in the world, girls too. In 2011 you gotta hide that you gay? Like, be real. ‘Yo, I’m gay, what the f-ck!’ F-ck it if people don’t like it.”
But fans and insiders say, don't look for any mass exodus out of the closet. The majority of hip-hop artists and audiences are notoriously anti-gay, concerned more with promulgating a straight male stereotype and violence against gays than winning over LGBT audiences.

Still, Fat Joe says the real power in the hip-hop music industry is in the hands of a "gay mafia," so he sees no reason why gay artists shouldn't come out.

Fat Joe
Photo MTV

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